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Amruth HomeGarden draws strength from our age old healing traditions. Generations of our ancestors have spent their lifetime to study plants growing in their neighbourhood and to find out their healing properties for their day to day health care needs.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale)
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  • Ginger (English)
  • Adrak (Hindi)
  • Shunthi (Kannada)
  • Ardrakam (Malayalam)
  • Aadrak (Marathi)
  • Adraka (Sanskrit)
  • Allam (Tamil)

Description: Ginger has been under cultivation in all parts of India and the plant does not occur in a truly wild state.

How to Grow: Vegetative Propagation: Rhizomes are cut into 2.5-5.0cm long pieces with one or two buds. Each piece is planted at a spacing of 20-25 cm along the rows. 20-25 cm distance is give between the rows. Best time for propagation is May.

Care regime: Avoid water stagnation as it will affect the rhizomes and care should be taken during after cultivation practises as to not harm the rhizomes.

Parts Used: Rhizome

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Suggested Citation: B. S. Somashekhar, G. S. Goraya, D. K. Ved, Unnikrishnan P. M., Ravikumar K., Gangadharan G. G., Suma Tagadur Sureshchandra, Shilpa Naveen, Vijay Srinivas, Venugopal S. N.; Additional inputs: Soumyashree N., Sagar D. Sangale.
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