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Amruth HomeGarden draws strength from our age old healing traditions. Generations of our ancestors have spent their lifetime to study plants growing in their neighbourhood and to find out their healing properties for their day to day health care needs.

Moon Creeper (Tinospora cordifolia)
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  • Moon Creeper (English)
  • Giloya (Hindi)
  • Amrithaballi (Kannada)
  • Amrytu (Malayalam)
  • Gulbel (Marathi)
  • Guduchi, Amrita (Sanskrit)
  • Seenthil (Tamil)

Description: It is a large, week-stemmed climber and needs support to grow. Stems have numerous small eruptions. The bark is papery and peels off in thin flakes. Leaves are heart shaped. Wiry aerial roots are often seen dangling from the shoots. The plant comes to bloom during summer. Flowers are small and male and female flowers appear separately. Fruits are round, pea sized and on maturity turn attractive red.

How to Grow: In the wild this plant is often encountered growing on trees and hedges. For home herbal garden, one plant in the ground or in a pot of 25-30 cm size is adequate. This plant can be trained around pillars or along fences.

Care regime: This climber grows well with even little moisture availability and hence needs only light watering once every two to three days. Under optimum growth conditions, this climber spreads quickly and has to be kept under control by properly trimming and training it

Parts Used: Stems

Collection: Mature stems of pencil thickness can be cut with the help of sharp knife as and when required. Periodic harvesting can, thereafter, be obtained for many years from the same plant.

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