Amruth Home Garden

Amruth HomeGarden draws strength from our age old healing traditions. Generations of our ancestors have spent their lifetime to study plants growing in their neighbourhood and to find out their healing properties for their day to day health care needs.

Yellu (Sesamum indicum)
Plant Image
  • Jatila (ENG)
  • Gingli (HIN)
  • Yellu (KAN)
  • Karellu (MAL)
  • Til (MAR)
  • Jatila (SAN)
  • Nuvvulu (TAM)

Description: Annual Herbs cultivated as seasonal crop. Flowers white or pink drooping in racemes. Fruit capsule, seeds black.

How to Grow: Grown through seeds.

Parts Used: Seeds yield oil (Sesame oil)

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