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Amruth HomeGarden draws strength from our age old healing traditions. Generations of our ancestors have spent their lifetime to study plants growing in their neighbourhood and to find out their healing properties for their day to day health care needs.

Lolesara (Aloe vera)
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  • Indian Aloe (ENG)
  • Lolesara (KAN)
  • Kattarvazha (MAL)
  • Korfad (MAR)
  • Kumari (SAN)
  • Soththu kathalai (TAM)
Plant Image

Description: It is a cactus like plant having thick and fleshy leaves with spiny margins. Leaves contain a gel, which is bitter in taste. These are closely arranged near the plant base in whorls. Bright orange coloured tubular flowers appear in spikes during late winter on old plants.

How to Grow: 'Lolesara' has got beautiful shining green foliage and forms an attractive pot plant. For the purpose of use in primary health care, one plant in a pot size of 25 to 30 cms is sufficient per household. It can also be planted on the ground, where it grows up to a metre tall. It needs well-drained soil for optimum growth, therefore, pot mixture of soil: sand: manure (1:2:1) may be used for growing this plant

Care regime: It needs only occasional watering and can even thrive under moisture stress conditions. Excessive watering may result in decay of the plant. The plant likes direct sunlight.

Parts Used: Leaf-pulp

Collection: The plant becomes ready for yielding leaves from about three months after planting. Leaf collection can be started with the lower leaves that can be cut by a sharp knife from near the base.

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