Define sleep?

It is a state of mind .......

Sleep has a property of Tamas which means it manifests generally during nights when Tamas is predominant. When the tissue pores & channels of the body get covered with Kapha dosha, when the body is fatigued by exertion & when the sense organs are not functioning, sleep manifests in the body.

IMPORTANCE OF SLEEP for well-being:


Happiness & misery, nourishment & emaciation, strength & debility, virility & impotence, knowledge & ignorance, life & death are all dependant on sleep.
Sleep when indulged into judiciously results in immense happiness & longetivity, whereas improper sleep either less or in excess destroys life & happiness.

Remaining awake during nights increases dryness of body, sleeping during day leads to increase in unctuousness whereas reclining leisurely without falling asleep causes neither.


A person suffering from insomnia may have one or all of the following symptoms:

  • Frequent headaches,

  • Irritability or lack of concentration

  • Feeling tired

  • Unrefreshing sleep

  • Turning and tossing in the bed for 30-40 minutes before you fall asleep

  • Waking up repeatedly during the night

  • Awakens far too early and is unable to get back to sleep

  • Only falls asleep with the aid of medication


Loss of sleep occurs due to the following reasons:

  • Excessive thirst, pain, grief, happiness, fear, anger, worry & other such emotions;

  • Uncomfortable bed,

  • Increase of Satvaguna,

  • Intake of dry foods, like

  • Intense engagement in work,

  • Lapse of usual sleeping time & habit,

  • Effect of diseases,

  • Increase of Vata &Pitta in the body.

Environmental factors like noise, light or extreme temperatures may also interfere with sleep.


Doshas, tissues & impurities constitute the structural & functional units of the body. Each dosha rules a particular phase of our life. The childhood is influenced by Kapha dosha, the youth by Pitta & the old age by Vata.
As a result, during old age the body becomes drier, cold, and easily succumbs to disorders of Vata. With Insomnia predominantly being a Vatik disorder; the elderly are the most affected.

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